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Mathematics being the queen of sciences, its wide importance in which it is advancing at a spectacular rate, the pattern and structure about it is logical analysis, deduction, calculation within these patterns and structures is what mathematics is all about.

The Department of Mathematics plays a vital role in the field of Engineering and it is a root cause core branches like Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Operation Research, Civil, Mechanical Engg., Actuarial Science etc., In Applied Maths, Students learn the connection with other disciplines that may inspire intensity where innovative mathematical reasoning may lead to new insights and applications. Through applied mathematics student focuses on fluid dynamics, numerical analysis. Students are made aware of the fact that if one can do mathematics then they can do any job that calls for precise analysis and careful deduction.

The Department takes utmost effort to create a new learning environment that will encourage mathematical designs in its related fields. Also serves as a vibrant knowledge center of excellence in teaching, research and extension activities. The Department also ensures that the students are focused to
  • Become competent users of mathematics
  • Appreciate mathematics as an intellectual Endeavour in its own right
  • Become familiar with basic mathematical and statistical thinking and modeling.
  • Understand the use and applications of mathematics in Engineering.
Mathematics being a necessary tool for Engineering & Technology, the department equip the students with multidimensional personality having professional and personal competency thus supporting all branches to improve linkage with industries.

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